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Share the life-changing experience of Envision Yoga with your students. Learn to teach this powerfully transformative practice while enjoying the beauty of the natural surroundings.
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Upcoming Dates & Locations

February 20 — February 27, 2016
Suryalila, Spain

with Vidya Jacqueline Heisel


Suryalila is a unique and beautiful old renovated olive farm, located near Arcos de la Frontera, deep in the heart of the lovely Andalucian countryside, in the south of Spain. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, with sweeping vistas of lakes and fields of sunflowers, the Centre is resplendent in the endless sunshine.

The residency buildings are charming, spacious and beautifully decorated with an exotic eastern flavor. There are both indoor and outdoor dining areas, a spacious yoga hall, and plenty of cozy hang out spots. On your breaks you can relax by the inviting salt-water pool or sway in the hammocks in the olive grove.

There is free wireless internet available throughout the retreat centre.

The delicious meals prepared at Suryalila are gourmet organic vegetarian, with vegan options. The retreat centre produces its own organic olive oil on the property. The large and happy family of chickens will provide you with eggs and many organic fruit and vegetables are grown on the property.

Yoga Teacher Training for Envision Yoga®

Envision Yoga® is a yoga sequence created by Vidya Jacqueline Heisel, which artfully combines NLP techniques with movement inspired by Kundalini and Hatha Yoga.

The sequence works through the chakras, stimulating each energy center with dynamic movement. Through the use of personal self-created mantras and partner work, it allows you to reprogram yourself to effect radical change in your life and experience. It is a fast track to move you from a small contracted, fearful and limited sense of self, to an expansive, unlimited and free expression of Self.

Envision Yoga® is a transformational practice, which will profoundly change your own experience of and relationship to your own body, mind and soul.

In this workshop, you will not only learn how to use this powerful technique for your own personal development but also how to teach Envision Yoga® to others. This will give you an exciting new form of Yoga and self-transformation to add to your teaching repertoire.

This is a cutting edge technique, which is going to take the Yoga world by storm. Be one of the first wave of teachers to bring this unique experience to your students.

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