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Come manifest and embody
your fullest potential—expand
into your highest self.

Envision Yoga Workshops 2015:

November 09—11, 2015
Suryalila, Spain
Prices for the weekend:
Single Room €390, Twin Room €310, and Dorm Room €270

with Vidya Jacqueline Heisel

The Envision Yoga sequence works systematically through the chakras, stimulating each energy center with dynamic movement. Through the use of personal self-created mantras and partner work, it allows you to reprogram yourself to effect radical change in your life and experience. It is a fast track to move you from a small contracted, fearful and limited sense of self, to an expansive, unlimited and free expression
of Self.

You will leave the workshop with an invaluable tool for self transformation. This workshop is joyful and playful, so prepare for a lot of fun!

This event begins on Saturday at 17:00h and finishes on Monday at 9:30h.